Brunnhilde Von Shaft, also known as Hildi, is Django's wife and Calvin Candie's former slave.


Brunnhilde Von Shaft is the wife of Django and the former slave of Calvin Candie. Her former masters were German. Therefore, they gave her a German name and taught her to speak the language. When she is bought by the Brittle brothers, she meets and marries Django. Together, they attempt an escape, but are found shortly after. They both receive an R-shaped burn in the cheek (R for runaway). Django witnesses Brunnhilde's 's brutal, severe whipping and begs for them to spare her and whip him instead. Afterwards, the Brittle Brothers decided to sell Django and Brunnhilde separately. As Django begins his bounty-hunting journey, Broomhilda has been bought by Scotty Harmony, the son of a slave owner. The owners treat her kindly and accept as apart of the family. They soon come to love her and she becomes their favorite. One night, Scotty takes her out for a night on the town and they eventually end up at Calvin Candie's Cleopatra Club. The night turns into a card game between Scotty and Candie, at which the stakes, when they run out of money, become Candie favorite slave Sheba vs. Brunnhilde. After Candie produces a winning hand, Scotty calls him a cheater and Candie challenges him to a duel for besmirching his name in his own establishment. Scotty realizes his predicament: he can't go home without Brunnhilde nor can he face his parents. He can't leave and Candie shoots him dead. After Candie kills him, he humiliates Brunnhilde by whipping her in the middle of the streets while she's naked. Awhile after he brings her to Candie Land, she attempts to run away, resulting in a harsh, brutal punishment. She was put in the hotbox, a box used to punish misbehaving slaves. Anyone placed in the hot box will experience heat, dehydration, heat exhaustion, and even death. She was supposed to stay for 10 days (and presumably die), but Django and Schultz show up, and Schultz requests to see her. Candie assumes it's because Schultz is German and he would want to speak with someone in his native language. So Brunnhilde only stays for a day and is removed form the hot box in front of Django and Schultz (in a harrassing and humiliating way). When Brunnhilde is brought to Schultz's room, Django joins them and surprises her. Brunnhilde faints. They assumingly revive her and brief of their plans to rescue her. 

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