Billy Crash
Portrayed byWalton Goggins
Biographical information
StatusDeceased (killed by Django)
ResidenceCandyland, Mississippi, U.S.
ProfessionFight Trainer at Candyland

Billy Crash was the fight trainer at the club/plantation known as Candyland, where he trains male slaves for death matches.


Nothing much is known about Billy other than he is associated with Calvin Candie and trains Mandingo fighters. Billy is shown to be somewhat cruel towards Django, the protagonist, and enjoys taunting him along with his friends. After Calvin's death, Billy took the pleasure of torturing Django and attempted to castrate him until Stephen stopped him and tells the cowboy that Django will be transferred to LeQuient-Dickey Mining Facility, a place where slaves will mine until they die.

Soon after Django's escape and Calvin's funeral, Stephen, Lara, Sheba (Calvin's slave mistress), Cora, Billy and few other men head back to Candieland. Django surprises them in Candie's house and as the bodyguards armed themselves, Django quickly dispatches the guards and wounds Billy in the process. Immediately after shooting Billy, Django blows off the cowboy's crotch in revenge for his attempt to castrate the bounty hunter. Billy screams in pain and curses Django to which he taunts "The D is silent, hillbilly." and finishes him off. 


  • Much of Crash's storyline was at first Ace Woody's, though after Kevin Costner, and his replacement Kurt Russell departed the film, Woody's role was merged with Crash.
  • Through his actions in the film, it is implied that Crash is homosexual.

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